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Hey all,

Here’s a tutorial on how to make carnations:

YouTube Link

Hope you guys like it! Let me know if you have questions :)

Here are just some shots of the work in progress of my goldfish :). Hope you guys enjoy!

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Here’s a goldfish handmade from polymer clay.  The “water” is resin.  This piece was sort of an experiment.  I have been trying to use only one layer of resin for fish so that there aren’t “layers” when seen from the side.  I used a pin to hold the fish up this time and it worked! The resin dried completely and it’s all one layer.  The only thing I had to pay attention to was not to cover the whole top of the fish with resin or else the pin would probably be stuck to the fish.  I also used shimmery nail polish to paint the body to give it a shimmer (doesn’t seem like it’s showing up well in photos).

Hope you guys like this! :D

Materials: Polymer clay, resin, rocks (which were bought), chalk pastel, nail polish
Time: 4 hours (not including resin dry time)


Hey all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve made some new things! (Blame it on allergies! >.< ).

Here are a few pairs of earrings I made last night.  Hope you guys like them!  At the top we have macarons, the middle we have fruit tarts and at the bottom we have some simple flowers.  All these are stud earrings.

made from: polymer clay

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Does the store in Hong Kong that you buy your miniature items from have a website?
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Hi there,

Sadly, they don’t have an online store, sorry :(

My tiny tiny animals are done! I wanted to see how small I could make something and this was as small as I could go for now. Sorry I used a pencil for scale again, havent thought of a better item yet lol. Do you guys like it? :)

Just some snapshots from February :). Hope you’re all doing well!  Hope to post more art soon!

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Hey there!

I’ve been meaning to do more miniatures, but man! Work has been extra busy since it is the beginning of the year (for those of you curious, I only make miniatures as a hobby.  I am the manager at an eco-friendly company that sells green energy products).
Anyway, back to art! Here’s my next project!  Remember that tin bucket I had earlier?  The one with the handles??I plan on making a bucket of goldfishes eventually.  I also want to make baggies of goldfish!  Hopefully it will turn out adorable! hehe
Happy New Year to those that celebrate it! I will most likely update more stuff next week since I will be with family this weekend for Chinese New Year.
Materials: Handmade from polymer clay
i just found this little gem of a blog and i have to say this is lovely! ive only tried using polymer clay a handful of times and i find it rather difficult myself.-. any tips for a beginner? :D (all of your things are wonderful by the way <3 <3)
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  If you are interested in reading it, I wrote a Beginner’s Guide to Polymer Clay a while back. Also, on my home page, there’s a tab on the right for tutorials :).  Hope this helps you!  Good luck!

Hey guys.  When I changed the theme to my Tumblr, I didn’t realize I forgot to activate Disqus again lol.  You can now post comments again when you go to my actual tumblr page (not on your news feed) :). 

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that visits my page! You guys are awesome! 

Asker jiyeonbabe Asks:
HOW DO YOU MAKE THE FISH. I'm looking for a cool project do to for a governors art show and that looks perfect but how do you make the koi?
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Hi there,

I made a tutorial video on youtube:

and a step by step by picture here:

Have fun!

I love your work!! You are so talented! !
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Aww, thank you so much!! It makes me so happy when people enjoy my art :D.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
the koi pond is cute and small, but.. the small part is what's bad, those fish have no living space and it's cruel :( it's worse than aquariums and zoos size wise, ahh like would you enjoy being trapped like that? :/
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Hey there!  Thanks for the input lol.  However the piece is handmade from clay.  They aren’t real fishes =].  The water isn’t real water either, it’s resin.

Hi Guys!

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far? I had a pretty quiet weekend this week.  Caught up on some miniature art since I had a few pieces I needed to make.  This particular piece was for the winner of a contest I held on DeviantArt. It consists of noodles and a cup of green tea. Hope you guys like it!  :)

materials: polymer clay, resin, plywood, I bought the bowl and cup, chalk pastel

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Hi guys!

I finished the Koi Pond last night.  The resin has been poured and it is dry now.  This piece took a while to make, as do all my koi ponds since the fins are so thin, they rip a few times so I have to keep redoing till it looks ok.  Also, the resin takes overnight to dry so it definitely takes patience to do this piece.  It takes at least 3 days to make one.  All the pebbles were also glued on individually to create the outside of the pond.  I bought the “spongy” material from Michael’s in the mission project aisle.  The pebbles were also bought from Michael’s.  Once I have a few more ponds made, I think I will put some up for sale on Etsy as a few of you have asked whether I sell these.  The answer is yes, I do, but timing varies as to when I will have it up for sale since each piece takes so long to make.  

I hope you guys like this piece!  Let me know what you think! =]

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