Ocarina from Zelda :)

materials: polymer clay, acrylic, felt, painted the wooden chest, chest itself was bought

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Miniature lava cake! :) What else should I make?
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Yellow and blue birthday cake

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miniature chocolate cake

Made this for a friend’s birthday.  I haven’t made a cake in so long, it was so fun.  I think I might want to start making cakes again soon…haha

Materials: polymer clay, glaze, the plate and fork were bought

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A quick work in progress :)

Asker eka-nara Asks:
For your "A Little Haul #2" How much was all of it together? Glasses, baskets, canes, and resin.. Alll of iiiit. XD
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

It was around $180 USD i think :).

Work in progress fishtank

You are so talented and you are so helpful to both beginners, amateurs(me) and experts! Thanks for being so awesome!
smallcreations smallcreations Said:

Thank you so much! :)  I really like making tutorials/tips and I’m really happy that you find it helpful.  


Back in January, I won a contest on Deviantart and got mini rocks from smallcreations…soooo I decided to use them by following her tutorial on how to make koi fish and made really small ponds :D

The circular one in the middle is the size of a quarter, the rest are slightly bigger. There’s cellophane, glitter, sand, and a pearl at the bottom to make them seem a bit more fairy tale-like (a mermaid’s pet perhaps?), also to differentiate my own style of ponds from the many others people make. 

I poured a bit too much resin so it leaked down the sides of the ponds a bit :P so I’ll probably glaze the rest to make the shininess seem intentional 

Fish are made from polymer clay (so I don’t wanna hear any of y’all commenting on animal cruelty on bits of molded PVC plastic D:< )

How awesome they look so cute! They turned out great! :D  Hope you had fun making them!

Here’s another experiment with resin.  Tried to make some “ripples” with the resin to create movement.  The resin was dried on a tilt to make it look like the fish is swimming away from the side it’s being “poured”.  It didn’t come out the way I want it to exactly, hopefully I’ll improve more! (whyyy is resin so expensive lol).

Hope you guys will still like it! :)

Materials: polymer clay, resin, rocks were bought, glass jar was also bought

fyi: the fish is not real!! :P

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Hope you guys will find this week’s FTF useful! :)

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tada~ a bucket of fish!! :D  haha hope you guys like!  I had so much fun making these cute little guys.

materials: polymer clay, resin, the bucket was bought

Guess what? yes, another goldfish.  As you can probably guess, this is not done yet.  I’m trying to get better and better at making them (you won’t believe the numbers of reference photos I have open and the number of ripped fins and redos lol).

This will also be a part of an experiment for resin.  I have a theory/idea to hopefully make it easier to create a water effect without lines (from the layers of resin) when drying.  Hopefully it’ll work, especially since I’m working with glass (totally see through on all sides).