Underwater Cake

I totally…kinda went crazy with this XD hehe.  It was soooo fun making this and I loved using all these colors! :D  I’ve been wanting to make something underwater with corals and shells for a while and let’s say Finding Nemo was a big inspiration!  I have always loved how vibrant the colors are in Pixar movies so I wanted to try doing that! :D I hope I kinda achieved that!

This piece measures about 1.5 inches tall and is 100% handmade from polymer clay.  It took me hmmm…about 6-7 hours.

I hope you guys like it as much as I had fun making it! :D


Commission Info: [link]
Pricing Guide: [link]

Etsy: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
YouTube: [link]

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